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Essential Equipment

So you're a little insecure about your equipment.....?

Consider this a shopping list and purchasing guide. At a minimum, you'll need some basic stuff in your kitchen, including some accessories. The old axiom, "buy quality" is never more true, and generally speaking, alot of the equipment at commercial grade isn't as expensive as you think(sometimes even less than department stores). Take a look at this list and of course, use common sense to add, delete, and change to customize to your needs. Your best brands are found mostly at commercial restaurant supply stores and merchants that sell to professional chefs. And remember: don't buy quantity, buy quality. Don't forget, if you simply want to save some money and time, you can just press the "go" button and purchase a Bachelor's Kitchen-in-a-Box Set.



The Basics  [more detailed info]

  1. A set of quality pots and pans. .
  2. A set of quality knives and a sharpening steel.
  3. Roasting pan and rack.
  4. Pie plate.
  5. Aluminum cookie sheets.
  6. Set of SS Mixing bowls.
  7. Set of small glass bowls.
  8. Measuring spoons.
  9. Measuring cups.
  10. Whisks.
  11. Spatulas and spoons.
  12. Pastry/basting brushes.
  13. Cutting board.
  14. Colander/strainer.
  15. Peeler.
  16. Potato brush.
  17. Cheese grater.
  18. Ice cream scoop.
  19. Kitchen scissors.
  20. Corkscrew.
  21. Can opener.
  22. Shrimp deveiner.
  23. Tongs.
  24. Ladle.
  25. Heat trivet.  

Nice to Have  [more detailed info] 

  1. Timer.
  2. Salad spinner.
  3. Flour sifter.
  4. Pepper mill.
  5. Zester.
  6. Garlic press.
  7. Hand juicer for citrus.
  8. Mushroom cleaning brush.
  9. Microplane, for spices/zest.
  10. Teapot.
  11. Small tea strainer.
  12. Jacket or apron.

Advanced   [more detailed info]

  1. Food processor.
  2. Stand mixer.
  3. Blender.
  4. Pasta Machine.
  5. Electric mill.
  6. Espresso maker and mill.
  7. Ice cream maker.
  8. Copper bowl.
  9. Clear squeeze bottles.
  10. Culinary blow torch.
  11. Bread pan.
  12. Muffin pan.
  13. Skewers.
  14. Rolling pin.
  15. Cooling rack.
  16. Meat tenderizer.
  17. Set of cook and serve individual platters and a set of ramekins.

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