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Ian Stone

Born in Seattle, Washington, Ian Stone grew up both in New York City and Montclair, New Jersey. Since then, he's been trying to live down the whole New Jersey thing altogether.

After much dodging, he finally caved in to his mother's demand that he go to college and become a nice Jewish doctor, like his father. And his father's father. And his father's father's father. And his cousin Sammy.

However, immediately after graduating from New York University, Ian went out for a celebratory night with the boys...only to wake up somehow signed up for six years of service with the US Marine Corps.

Not really enticed with the notion of spending several years in a federal prison with some "chums", he elected instead to faithfully serve his country for his obligated time.....and then a few extra years for good measure.

After earning his Naval Aviator wings in 1994, Ian served as a Marine Corps fleet pilot and Forward Air Controller, serving in operations in such Godforsaken places like Bosnia, Albania, Congo, and most recently, Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Encouraged from an early age to fend for himself, he quickly learned the fundamentals of cooking and entertaining, thereby fending off starvation and complete social ostracization. To that end, over the past 20+ years, Ian has worked tirelessly to feed himself and his horde of hungry friends. He has learned both from experts and from his own trial and error as to what works and what doesn't work in the kitchen. From basic survival to the entertainment of dates, family, friends, and roommates, his style has evolved from "God, thank you for not letting me poison anyone tonight" to straightforward and ingenious instruction of the fundamentals of fine cooking and entertaining. Now that he has returned from overseas operations unscathed, Ian has embarked on a bold new adventure to put all his years of expertise and adventure to good use in The Bachelor's Kitchen.

Ian Stone lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with his KitchenAid mixer and his faithful dog, Boomer.

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