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Links to Really Important Stuff

 Here is a compilation of useful links that I think you'll find, uh....useful.


INFO: for general reference and information.


National Sanitation Foundation 

POISON CONTROL CENTER (highlighted since I figure you need it in a hurry…)

USDA Food Safety

USDA Meat and Poultry Hotline (call it, baby!)

US Potato Board Do I need to explain this one?

Official website for Champagne wines from the lovely people who brought us the Maginot Line 

Espresso Machine buying guide

About Wood Cutting Boards 

BERRY Brothers!  Phoenix based EXPERTS on cooking with wood. Send Thomas Berry your questions!



RESOURCES: for companies where you can get services or products.


The Bachelor's Kitchen Store  

Berry Brothers Firewood A man should be proud of his wood, no?  Here you'll get some expert advice on cooking with various kinds of wood, as well as wood for purchase.

MANUFACTURERS: handy if you have WARRANTY ISSUES or a specific question about their products and want to go direct (no worries, you won't hurt my feelings. Ok, maybe I'll be just a little). 


Bourgeat, professional pots, pans and kitchen tools 

Boyajian gourmet oils and such 

Chantal cast-iron enamel cookware

FreshVac Pro ultimate food storage containers 

Gourmet Standard stainless steel kitchen tools 

Le Creuset  more cast-iron enamel cookware

Messermeister makers of top quality professional chef's knives

NineStars Electronics makers of the TouchFree Trashcan (also if you need spare parts)

Paderno professional stainless cookware

Riedel Crystal stemware for wine 

Sitram stainless steel and copper pots and pans

Spiegelau Crystal less expensive stemware for wine 

Zyliss all sorts of innovative kitchen tools of the standard line-up of stuff  

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