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Guinness Ice Cream

  • Guinness draught beer, about 1 1/2 CANS
  • Heavy whipping cream, 2 cups
  • Milk, about 1 cup
  • Sugar, 1 cup
  • Egg yolks, 3
  • Splash of lemon juice (for pears or apples)

Just the thought of beer as a dessert can bring a tear to a grown man's eye, so here ya go:

Pour the Guinness into a pan (oh, feel free to drink the remaining beer while cooking.  Like I had to tell you that...). Boil it down to about 1 1/2 cups, then set on low heat to simmer.

Mix the egg yolks and sugar in a bowl, stir in milk, then warm Guinness concentrate.  Add in cream.

Chill in the frig for about an hour before you put it in your ice cream maker. Uh, you do have and ice cream maker, right?  If not, open another can of Guinness and lament.    

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